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Asphalt SealCoating | Parking Lot Maintenance | Texan Paving

Asphalt sealcoating is essential when is comes to maintaining asphalt pavement, Sealcoating is both used to rejuvenate and protect asphalt. Sealcoating needs to be applied over asphalt pavement 12 months after the asphalt was layed. The asphalt should not be sealed until it finishes curing, which takes around 12 month

If asphalt is not sealed once it cures, it will start to slowly deteriorate with small cracks and potholes to follow. Once cracks are present it is necessary to fill the cracks with rubber crack filler other wise the sealcoat will not work properly as it wont fill cracks.

Another very important part of a sealcoat is cleaning the entire surface of any dirt, debris, and to Make sure it is done under the proper weather conditions.

Some Cities like the City of Austin, TX have a ban on some sealants, If you are DIY please make sure that you purchase the appropriate Asphalt sealant for your city.

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