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Farm road installation near Austin, TX | Texan Paving

On this post we will look at installing an asphalt ranch road, with a parking pad attached to it

Please click on the video below to see the installation.

Step 1. Grade and roll to compaction caliche road base.

When installing the road base make sure there is drainage and that the pitch of the road complements the current landscape. Getting the perfect pitch can be essential for drainage and for the longevity of your road, driveway or parking lot. Not taking the time to carefully compact and make the needed pitch for drainage can result in early erosion of the top surface, cracks will then start to show followed by pot holes.

Step 2. Once the road base has been properly compacted, Lay the hot asphalt with an industrial paving machine.

When laying the asphalt make sure that the dept of the layer is consistent and that the pitch is kept, Roll the asphalt using a heavy asphalt roller. Once the surface has been rolled, allow the asphalt to cure and stripe it. if is an asphalt parking lot or road that needs striping. If not simply enjoy your beautiful new asphalt surface.

Please note that asphalt takes around 12 months to completely cure. 12 months after the asphalt driveway, road or parking lot has been pored seal coat it. Not sealcoating it will result in early deterioration, like cracks and potholes. The asphalt then needs to be sealed on a regular basis every 3 to 4 years as needed. Asphalt needs sealing when the rich black top surface stops looking smooth black and starts looking gray. Sealing your asphalt on a regular basis will prevent having to make costly repairs or replacements.

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