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History of Paving in Austin, TX | Texan Paving

The City of Austin in the early 1900's

In the early 1900's the city started to build the bridge across Congress avenue. and the City of Austin expanded more and more South and North over the years, At the start of the 1900's Congress avenue was among the first streets paved. Asphalt roads now cross the City of Austin in every direction, including 183 and I-35 which is one of the most important highways in the Country. The first paved roads in the City were paved with brick and stone, as the process of paving and the industrial revolution took off.

Austin became one of the first cities in Texas to have its city streets paved with Asphalt, Asphalt paving is one of the main methods of paving in the city as it is used in most roads withing Austin, Asphalt paving is also the main paving method used on commercial parking lot's, as well as residential driveways.

Another very popular method and less expensive than asphalt is tar and gravel, also known as tar and chip seal paving. This method of paving is one of the oldest in being used. Tar and chip is also a very popular method of paving long ranch and farm roads around the city, as it is a more economical than asphalt paving. Tar and chip is also used as a Chip seal over aging asphalt in many of Austin's parking lots, Driveways and roads.

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