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The parking lot is an essential component of any successful business. A professionally striped parking lot informs customers where they can stop, park, or walk. The advantages of asphalt striping from Texan Paving include ensuring public safety and providing a superior parking experience through increased efficiency and traffic flow. These benefits combine to help your business better accommodate busy seasons and contribute to a better experience for your customers.

Safe Parking Environment

When stall lines are faded or non-existent in your parking lot, there is no structure or guidance on where to park. This results in possible code violations, car door dings, and accident reports listing you and your company as the responsible party. A well-maintained parking lot with noticeable striping decreases the likelihood of accidents and your liability should one occur, while providing a safe parking environment for pedestrians and drivers traveling to your property.

Improved Overall Aesthetics

First impressions matter and your parking lot is often the first point of contact that your customer has with you. For that reason, creating a positive image when patrons enter your parking lot requires that it is inviting, easy to navigate, and clearly marked. In addition to impressing your customers, it will positively enhance your business’ storefront and curb appeal.

Increased Flow and Efficiency

Many property owners underestimate the significance of a well-planned and marked parking lot beyond its beautification. When you correctly stripe your parking lot, your customers will enjoy a superior parking experience, such as:

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Whether you need large scale striping or just have a small parking area for your retail store, apartment complex, or strip mall, put our striping expertise at Texan Paving to work for you.  We provide striping and signage services to every county in Central Texas. 

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