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Asphalt Paver LeeBoy 1000G

From LeeBoy

  1.     Dimensions:

    1. Length: 9’6”

    2. Width:  8’6” transport

9’ hopper wings down

  1. Height:  7’

  2. Total Weight (with screed):  11,000 lbs.

  1. Engine:

    1. Kubota turbocharged diesel

    2. Tier 4 Final – 49hp (37kw) @ 2,600 RPM

  1. Capacities:

    1. Fuel: 13.5 gallons

    2. Hydraulic:  45 gallons

    3. Washdown tank: 7 gallons

  1. Hopper:

    1. Gravity fed, hydraulically raised hopper

    2. Side wings fold in or out

    3. Hopper size:  5.5 ton

    4. Hopper height: 22”


  1. Paving Widths:

    1. Variable up to 13’

  1. Paving Depths:

    1. Depth:  0” to 6”

  1. Screed:

    1. Propane screed standard, weight: 1,750 lbs

    2. Legend full free-floating 19” screed, consisting of a 13” main screed

    3. Constructed of .375” Hardox® 450 bolt-on wear plates for easy replacement                                                                                                        

  2. Screed End Gates:

    1. Equipped with vertical height adjustment and tilt

  1. Screed Extensions:

    1. Two 44” screed extensions hydraulically actuated to a width of 13’

    2. To eliminate seams, the heated extensions are mounted flush with the main screed and are adjustable with the angle of attack

    3. Includes replacement .25” Hardox 450 bottom wear plates



  1. Screed Heat:

    1. Two 54,000 BTU propane burners on main screed

    2. Each extension has one 36,000 BTU propane burner

    3. One 36,000 BTU burner ignitor

  1. Screed Vibration:

    1. Equipped with a hydraulic vibrator capable of producing 2,000 vibrations per minute

  1. Screed Crown/Invert:

    1. Equipped with a crown/invert adjustment allowing at least 2” of crown and 1.5” of valley

    2. Includes a leveling indicator for the operator to know when the screed is level

  1. Material Flow Gates:

    1. Two independent hydraulically operated 4’ wide gates located under the augers and constructed of at least .25” A-36 plate steel


  1. Material Augers:

    1. Two independently operated hydraulic casted augers constructed with .625” segmented A 36 steel

    2. Augers are 9” diameter


  1. Operator’s Platform:

    1. Full machine width platform with left hand seat

  1. Operator’s Controls:

    1. All control levers are on the left side

    2. Right side levers include left and right drive control, right auger, right screed extension and hopper

    3. Color graphic control screen with digital readouts. Review and monitor system vitals including: oil pressure, hour meter, fuel gauge, voltmeter, water temp, tachometer, hydraulic oil temp, engine diagnostics


  1. Steering:

    1. Independent hydrostatic steering from the left or right side of machine

  1. Washdown System:

    1. Electric HD pump with one 22’ x .375” and one 15’ x .375” diameter hoses and spray nozzles

  1. Hydraulic System:

    1. Variable volume hydraulic pumps for each drive

    2. A constant volume pump for all other hydraulic functions

  1. Push Rollers:

    1. Two 3” diameter rollers with sealed bearings


  1. Track Drive System:

    1. Hydrostatically powered, self-cleaning friction drive tracks consisting of two drive tires and hydraulically adjustable front idler

    2. Drive mechanism consists of two torque hubs for variable speeds

    3. Track size:  14” wide x 48” long steel

    4. Paving speed:  0 to 220’ per minute (2.5 mph)

    5. Travel speed:  0 to 220’ per minute (2.5 mph)

  1. Additional Standard Equipment:

    1. Back-up alarm

    2. Lockable fuel and hydraulic caps

    3. LED beacon light

    4. Horn

    5. Adaptable for field automation installation

    6. Wired for optional sonic auger, sensors and cord

  1. Optional Equipment:

    1. Two-speed track drive, with fail-safe included

    2. Fail-safe brake

    3. Rubber tire drive system

    4. Sonic auger, sensors and cords

    5. Slope meter

    6. LED work light package

    7. Hose reel, limited to one

    8. Electric screws for grade controls

    9. Wiring only, grade controls (Topcon), includes A/M modules

    10. Sonic grade control, one side (Topcon)

  1. Training, Support and Company

    1. Training and support manuals

    2. Optional on-site operator training by Dealer

    3. Two-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects

    4. Extended warranty available

    5. 55+ years manufacturing experience

    6. ISO 9001 Certified

    7. Sourcewell Contract #052417-VTL

    8. Manufactured in the USA

LeeBoy 1000D.PNG

History of the City of Austin

The recorded history of Austin, Texas, began in the 1830s when Anglo-American settlers arrived in Central Texas. In 1837 settlers founded the village of Waterloo on the banks of the Colorado River, the first permanent settlement in the area. By 1839, Waterloo would adopt the name Austin and become the capital of the Republic of Texas.[1]

Austin's history has also been largely tied to state politics and in the late 19th century, the establishment of the University of Texas made Austin a regional center for higher education, as well as a hub for state government. In the 20th century, Austin's music scene had earned the city the nickname "Live Music Capital of the World."[2] With a population of over 800,000 inhabitants in 2010, Austin is experiencing a population boom. During the 2000s (decade) Austin was the third fastest-growing large city in the nation.[3]


Read more about Austin, Texas History on Wkipedia,,_Texas


Read more at the Austin Library                 

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